Vacuum Air Pot And Vacuum Water Jug is different from other ordinary water bottles, it has a vacuum isolation layer and should be carefully cleaned.

Here are several easy, simple and thorough ways to clean the insulated thermos bottle.

1.Wash the inside and outside of the bottle with water first, then brush each part of the cup carefully with a toothbrush and a little salt,after that, clean the inside and outside of the cup again with clean water. You can see that the dirt in the cup disappears immediately after daily cleaning.


2.The lemon slices can easily wipe off the stains inside the insulating cup, and then rinse with clean water.

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3.It can also be used to scrub dirt with some salt on the peel, and the effect is very good.


4.Dilute the kitchen-specific bleach with water and pour it into the thermos water bottle,Shake a few times and leave for one night. Rinse with water the next day.


5.First, wet the inner wall of the bottle with water, then squeeze a little toothpaste into the cup. After soaking for a while, wipe it with a clean cloth.